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Platinum Trini Entertainment is an independently owned and operated record label based in Los Angeles Ca. and non-exclusively distributed through Universal Music Group Distribution. ABM, co-founder of the label in 2005 has a great passion for music, and wanted to give artist of all genres an opportunity to be heard. The label also has a recording studio PTE STUDIOS which offers full production, recording, mixing, mastering, and voice overs to independent record labels, and artist that don't have it in their budget to record at the larger recording studios, but still maintain that quality professional sound for the industry.

The main objective of Platinum Trini Entertainment is to give artists with talent, who are often overlooked by the major labels, an opportunity to be heard and display their talent. Currently, the music industry is so saturated, that it makes it very difficult for the talented artist to be heard, better yet discovered. We here at Platinum Trini Entertainment strives for excellence in every aspect of the music industry.

The label also has representation in Trinidad to handle the business associated with the label and throughout the Caribbean. Taking a hands on approach to local artist based there, the challenge of hard work is a necessity when it comes to getting the job done and dealing with the artist and the on going operations that's needed to build a winning team.

Being that we're a self-contained unit, it makes the process of every aspect of the music industry to be expedited with ease. We consist of a team of songwriters, producers, engineers, managers, music video directors, and street team personalities to better assist, promote, market, and mold the artist for a professional and successful career. 

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