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                                                              LAPRICE BIO

Laprice was born in Waycross, Ga. Where she was raised by her Grandmother until her mother finished College. Then at the age of four her mother, a single parent moved to Los Angeles. This is when her love for dancing began. At the age of ten, she was introduced to singing by her mother’s friend who was a musician and he saw her potential. He would have her practice harmonizing with his daughters into the early hours of the morning, singing 3 part harmonies, and vocal exercises. She was influenced by the likes of Janet Jackson, Lauren Hill, Jill Scott, and Faith Evens. By the age of fourteen, she was winning talent shows, and making a name for herself. Having such passion for theater and dance she studied ballet, tap, and lyrical dance. Even though She had a strong interest in the entertainment industry she was always interested in knowing the business and also working behind the scenes. Majoring in business and taking on the position as a manager in the fashion industry has truly prepared her for the business aspect of the industry. By all means, don’t let this Georgia Peach beauty fool you, she is also lethal in the board room and on the stage. 

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