Now don't be fooled by the suit it's not his first day on the job. It is very rare you will stumble upon an Artiste like Teddy Marcelle. Officially entering the industry professionally since 2017 his growth has been immeasurable. His versatility shows in his writing and music production skills as the founding member of the Tedstarmusic group. He does not do it alone as he has a very diverse team to achieve goal setting results every time. Teddy's voice alone can be placed into any genre aside from Soca and Afrobeats music. He does productions not only for himself but for other Artistes such as Kerry John, Nigel Couttier, DOTT Verse and many more. Aside from his talent, Teddy is a very approachable, humble and giving person with an always encouraging and happy spirit. He is always hard at work in his home studio crafting productions for other Artistes while continuing to build his own catalogue as an Artiste himself. His most recent release "Attitude Gyal" has proven to be a huge evolution and embodiment of his genius abilities. From doing the entire production from the writing, beat making, mixing, mastering and lyric video phases, shows that Teddy Marcelle can be true powerhouse by himself if ever he needs to be. The results of this song has shown to be a major successful project to date. He is truly one to look out for future upcoming releases. Through the power of music, Teddy Marcelle hopes to inspire others to always follow your dreams and pursue it with your all.