Daryl Alexander aka fedderal d General was born on June 19th one of 5 kids

to Helen Alexander and Harold Frame in the hometown of Arima Trinidad. He attended the Arima new government school. His hobbies are football also referred to as soccer in the u.s. but his first love was music. He started doing music at a very young age with his friends. Everyday, they would write songs and freestyle battle each other. This was fun for him. They then realized that they needed to come up with a name for their group, so they decided on Hustle Limit. The name "Hustle" because as everything in life, if you want to acheive something you have to "Hustle". His mom was the first to support him with his dreams of becoming successful. She would always attend their rehearsals and give them encouragement. His first master recording was done by Flippo in a recording studio called Pro Records. The song was called "Feel My Pain" featuring Jay Fresh. He was very excited about his first recording and the work it took to accomplish it. He also got high praises from the producer. He also told him that he had what it takes to be a great Dancehall artist. His first live performance was at a showcase for up and coming artist where he slayed the competition. His next step was to approach radio stations but he quickly realized that this was going to be a lot harder than he had anticipated. He then turned to social media to get his music heard. Years passed but he remained confident that the day will come when he would be approached by a label. As faith would have it, he got a call from a friend that told him an A&R from a label wanted to setup a meeting with him after listening to his music, and the rest was history. He inked a recording deal with Platinum Trini Entertainment. His goal is to become one of the greatest Dancehall artist in the world!